Best Free Voice Changer Apps – Norton Setup

Software to change the original voice can be used in different walks of life. It can be a professional reason to change the voice or having some prank calls. The voice changing software can be categorized into two tools namely real-time based and non-real time-based tools. Real-time based software runs same as it sounds, enabling […]

Top 7 Apps That Can Make Children Utilize Their Time – Norton Setup

To avoid boring tours, kids can use some remarkable applications. The best part is that the applications mentioned below are not just very interesting but are also  based on education. In simple words, these applications will prevent your kids from wasting their time and give you relief from them for some time. Go through this […]

Best iPhone Apps for Note-Taking to Organize Notes – Norton Setup

The phone is not just a handheld device today, and it has become an escort to remind the birthdays of loved ones, to get you up in the morning, to organize the day-to-day schedule, even to help you to make notes with handy features. It is not possible and practical to have a pen and […]

The U.S seems to lack behind in 5G’s Global Communication revolution

Leaving behind the 4G technology, the world is slowly adopting 5G speed. People need to understand that 5G is going make a global revolution in the communication world. Based on the reports published by Susan P. Crawford, a professor at Harvard Law School, the U.S may be left behind in this new global revolution. Susan […]

Fortnite Season 7 Challenge Event How to find and use Fireworks

With the ongoing Fortnite 14 Days of challenges and events, your holidays must have been spectacular. Now with week four of the challenge series, Fortnite developers have introduced new snow-covered areas for giving a winter theme in the game. As previously players got a chance to participate in various challenges like goose nest or giant […]

How to share music tracks on Instagram by using SoundCloud

Finally, SoundCloud has made an announcement that they will be adding their much-anticipated feature of sharing songs from your Soundcloud playlist to your Instagram Stories. The SoundCloud subscribers had been awaiting this feature for quite some time, and finally, on October, SoundCloud announced via their official blog post to add a new feature for their […]